Did you know that back on our nursery in Upper Caldecote, Bedfordshire we grow 2 million roses every year?

Back in 1964, Paul Chessum began growing roses in his parents back garden before expanding it to the nursery we have today where Paul still remains in charge of production.

Over the years we have become one of the largest growers of roses in Europe and we are proud to be able to offer our extensive range of ‘Chessum Roses’ in all our Home and Garden centres.

 A rose in full bloom stops you in your tracks. It steals your heart with its paper-delicate petals and lures you in with its heady, romantic scent. Once you're truly captivated it's hard to resist filling your garden with the sumptuous butter yellows, sugar-spun pink, graceful white and blood red petals of this queen of flowers.

We're in love with roses too, so we've got a variety in our garden centre to grace every spot in your garden.

Climbers like 'New Dawn' scramble boisterously up trellises and wire supports to clothe walls in swathes of colour.

Patio roses like pale pink 'Sweet Dream' or 'Raspberry Royal' are dainty, smaller shrubs bred for their ability to thrive in containers. Smothered in blooms, they're long-flowering and brilliantly colourful.

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Kettering for more information and advice about growing roses.

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